Gardener Cutter

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Size:Paduka size 7 & Combo kit

Acu Combo of Plastic Complete Body Blood Circulation Spring-Magnetic Slippers with Manual Massage Products

Combo Contents : 1 Ball, 1 Karela, 1 Power Thumb, 2 Rings, 1 Hand Exerciser, 1 Finger Massager, 1 Jimmy, 1 Acupressure Slippers. H27 Spring Acupunture With Multi Massage Beads. Magnetic Therapy With Red Massage Beads. Massaging The Important Points Thus Do Good To Human Health. All acupressure products in this combo help in stimulating blood flow in the entire body. Please Note : Colour will be dispatched as per availability. Suitable For Both Men And Women. Easy To Use.



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