Foot Massage Simulator

Suffering from any body pain and discomfort? Start body wellness right at your feet with this Foot Massage Simulator, a foot massager and muscle simulator in one!

FOOT MASSAGER – This functions by stepping on the mat pad of the massager providing relief that starts on your feet. Designed like a human foot, targeting the main spots and acupuncture point in human feet for treatment.

This also provides a perfect foot massage experience with its infrared heating and vibration massage technique. You can also use the intelligent speed change button to adjust vibration speed according to your own comfort level to achieve a better massage effect.


Get Your Foot Massage Simulator Before It’s Too Late:

  • LOW-FREQUENCY PHYSIOTHERAPY DEVICE – This uses a low frequency to help the patients alleviate pain in a mild way until they totally get rid of the discomfort.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION – Stimulate the muscles of the feet and calves with low-frequency pulse (EPS/EMS) technology.Promote blood circulation and relax the feet.
  • PORTABLE & HANDY – This is compact and handy and can be carried anywhere to provide instant relief.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE – It uses a soft and comfortable yoga mat material footpad. The pad is skin-friendly silver with ion circuit printing. This does not cause harm to the user.
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Material: Natural Resin

Color: Black

Weight: 28g

Size: 31.5 x 30cm

Package Inclusion/s: 1pc. Foot Massage Simulator


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